Information due to school closing because of COVID-19

Dear students and guardians

From midnight on Sunday there is a ban on assembly and closure of the all secondary schools in Iceland which is valid until 12 April.

During school closures, all academic classes in VA will be taught in real-time online environments, ie. according to schedule. Attendance will be marked as usual, through Inna.

To prepare for these changes, teaching will be canceled on Monday, March 16, and teachers will use the day to prepare for changed teaching practices. On Tuesday, March 17, teaching will begin according to schedule in the online environment that is accessible to students at the top of each course's web site - called Fjarkennsla (e. Distance Learning). However, students in the electrical department, the metal department and the carpentry department can expect a new timetable on Monday to follow while the school is closed.

Distance Learning system

The system that will be used for distance learning here in VA is called Big Blue Button and it offers great possibilities for distance learning in real time. Here you can see a promotional video for students. Most students already know the Big Blue Button, this week teachers focused on teaching the system and trying it out with their students. From Tuesday morning, March 17, links (Fjarkennsla) will be at the top of the site for all academic courses that students click on when the lesson begins. Then a real-time lesson opens online. It is important that students have a microphone headset to ensure the best sound quality in class.

Note that to connect to this "web-based classroom" you can use either a computer, tablet or phone.

Programs that are already taught exclusively in distance learning will be taught with the same arrangements as have been done to date.


The dormitory and the cafeteria will be closed for the duration of the school closure. Students who need to enter the dormitory and retrieve belongings can arrive at the residence tomorrow, Saturday, at. 13 - 14. Please contact Karen Assistant Principal, at 847-7996, if you would like to take advantage of this.

Educational materials that are in the school

Students who need to enter the school and retrieve study materials can come tomorrow, Saturday, at. 13 - 14. Please contact Lilja Prinicpal, at 848-3607, if you would like to take advantage of this.


Answers regarding cafeteria costs will be available on Monday and information on it will be posted on the website.

Guidence counseling during school closing

Guidence counseling will continue while the school is closed, as it is important to support students now and again.

Interviews will take place through Messenger. A "Like" page was created on Facebook (in progress) to simplify student access to Messenger video calls in communication with Guðný our guidence counselor. Interviews will be posted via e-mail or at the school's office on 4771620. Preveious scheduled interviews with Guðný will continue as planned Guðný will forward further information to those students who already have previusly scheduled interviews.


Regarding the two workshops - which students asked a lot this morning - we are looking for a solution to offer them in a web environment. The solution will be presented here on the homepage and on the school's social media as soon as it is available.

Programs that will be taught with a “twist”

  • On the ,,starfsbraut", mathematics, workshops, information technology and metallurgy will be postpoined until to be determind. Auður will organize weekly regular homeroom meetings that will continue over the phone. Other courses in the program will be taught through the BigBlueBotton.
  • School ministration is currently reviewing an implementation for metal, wood and electrical program which involves emphasizing the academic courses while school is closed and focusing on practical courses once school is reopened. Further details on this will be posted after 13:00 on Monday. The schedule for these programs will therefore most likely change.
  • In the hair program practical courses will be partially remote and students will be provided with information about the arrangement and appropriate equipment.

The first steps and technical support

When education is distrupted in this unforseen manner there will be obsticles and issues to resolve, we appreciate your patiencesz and assistans in helping us to intentify these variances. If a technical problem arises, students are asked to contact VA system administrator, Vidar Guðmundsson,

If you have any questions, you can email or contact the school's office on Monday - 4771620.

I wish you a good weekend and look forward to seeing students learning on the Big Blue Button on Tuesday morning.